Discovering the next generation of breakthrough drugs

Our mission is to build the leading AI-enabled biotech company, to reveal hidden biological mechanisms of disease and discover breakthrough drugs. By harnessing the power of causal AI, human multi-omics data, and our Gemini Digital Twins, we aim to accelerate the discovery of life-saving therapeutics to make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients.

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AI Approaches Poised to Disrupt New Areas of Drug Discovery

Our AI approaches are poised to disrupt new areas of drug discovery, unlocking the potential to discover the next generation of breakthrough drugs by creating Gemini Digital Twins of human disease from multi-omic patient data.

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AI-Driven Pipeline of First-in-Kind Programs

Aitia’s pipeline of differentiated, novel programs prioritize neurodegenerative diseases to address the rapid, devastating impacts they have on patients and their families.

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Our First-in-class Team

We are a world-class team of AI pioneers, R&D veterans, and biotech company builders backed by top-tier healthcare and strategic pharma leaders working toward our shared mission.

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Strategic Partnerships in AI-enabled Drug Discovery

We collaborate with industry-leading companies across diverse therapeutic areas to lead the way in discovering breakthrough therapies.
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Join the Future of Biotech: Your Opportunity to Shape Tomorrow's Discoveries