Jan 13, 2023

Aitia and G3 Therapeutics Publish Results Identifying New Causal Biomarkers of Atherosclerotic Coronary Artery Disease (ASCAD), the Leading Cause of Morbidity and Mortality Worldwide

  • Triglyceride-rich LDL particles were found to be directly causal in ASCAD based on Aitia’s Digital Twins built on G3’s Global Multi-omic Clinical Study Data and Aitia’s Causal AI Technology
  • LDL-Triglycerides may become an important diagnostic biomarker in ASCAD and may lead to new therapeutics


ATLANTA and SOMERVILLE, MA, January 12, 2023: G3 Therapeutics, a life sciences company that leverages large-scale multi-omic biological big data to develop life-changing therapeutics and diagnostics, and Aitia, the leader in the application of Causal AI and “Digital Twins” to discover and develop new drugs, today announced results of research that identified new causes of ASCAD.

The results are found in the paper “Bayesian network analysis of panomic biological big data identifies the importance of triglyceride-rich LDL in atherosclerosis development’, published in the journal Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine (https://doi.org/10.3389/fcvm.2022.960419)

The analysis conducted by G3 Therapeutics, Aitia, and their team of scientific collaborators discovered that triglyceride-rich LDL particles appeared directly upstream from ASCAD in the Digital Twin models, suggesting causality of triglyceride-rich LDL particles. The role of the triglyceride-rich LDL particles was independent of the cholesterol content of LDL particles (independent of LDL-C) and the potential causality was further confirmed by genetic validation, based on the hepatic lipase gene (“LIPC”). The analysis also revealed that atherogenic lipoproteins, inflammation, and endothelial dysfunction are involved in ASCAD, lending additional credence to the novel findings.

These findings imply that LDL-TG could be a novel diagnostic marker for ASCAD and could also open up potential novel treatment targets for atherosclerosis, focusing on triglyceride-rich LDL particles.

“For decades, we have singularly focused on LDL-cholesterol as the sole treatment target in atherosclerotic coronary artery disease. Now, this new discovery of triglyceride-rich LDL particles opens a previously untapped set of opportunities to bring novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to our patients suffering from devastating cardiovascular disease. Our discovery demonstrates the power of the combination of biological big data and causal AI in bringing entirely novel treatments to our patients.”, said Szilard Voros, MD, CEO and founder of G3 Therapeutics.

“This landmark result clearly demonstrates the power of causal AI and Digital Twins to reveal the hidden circuitry of cardiovascular disease from large-scale multi-omic data”, said Colin Hill, CEO and co-founder of Aitia. “70 years of cardiovascular biology including LDL, PCSK9, and Lp(a) were reconstructed in a hypothesis-free fashion in a few months, which created the opportunity to rapidly discover new drivers of atherosclerotic disease such as triglyceride-rich LDL that has eluded researchers for decades. A new era of AI-driven techbio discovery has begun.”


About the G3LOBAL Database™ G3 Therapeutic’s G3LOBAL Database is derived from the GLOBAL clinical study (NCT01738828), an international prospective, multi-center study recruiting up to 10,000 patients to characterize novel disease networks and biomarkers. GLOBAL is the largest and most comprehensive pan-omic study combining whole genome sequencing, whole genome methylation, whole transcriptome sequencing, unbiased proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, and lipoprotein proteomics with coronary computed tomographic (CT) angiography, an advanced imaging technology for phenotyping, which allows the precise classification of disease in patients.

About G3 Therapeutics
G3 Therapeutics is a global leader in the application of unbiased biological big data in transforming the drug discovery and drug development process.  G3 Therapeutics has assembled a revelatory platform that utilizes deep phenotyping, deep molecular profiling and deep learning for the discovery, genetic validation, and development of novel drug targets.  G3 Therapeutics’ foundational biological big data platform has been built on the GLOBAL Clinical Study (NCT01738828), enrolling over 7,500 individuals from around the world. G3 Therapeutics’ deep molecular profiling approach includes whole genome sequencing, as well as the measurement of all other relevant “omics” measurements including DNA methylation, RNA sequencing, proteomics, metabolomics, and lipidomics. G3 Therapeutics has already discovered and patented relevant biomarkers and is starting the development of several novel drugs based on its proprietary platform and discoveries.

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Aitia is the leader in the application of Causal AI and Digital Twins to discover the next generation of breakthrough drugs. By leveraging the convergence of multi-omic patient data, high-performance computing, and causal learning and AI, Aitia is revealing the hidden biological mechanisms of disease to create Digital Twins of disease in oncology, neurodegenerative disorders, and immunology. Gemini Digital Twins are being used today to discover novel therapies and accelerate R&D in multiple myeloma, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and Huntington’s Disease, with several more in development. Aitia’s partners include seven of the top ten pharmaceutical companies, leading academic research and medical centers, medical societies, leading multi-omic data companies, and patient advocacy groups globally.

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