Jul 30, 2015

An Evening With Top Medical Innovators

scientific-american-wv-logo-1Today’s visionaries battle cancer with cutting-edge science and the stubborness to make it work
Surviving cancer requires teamwork. On the evening of Monday December 8, 2014, a small army of some of the best “soldiers” in the battle against blood cancer mingled with patients and members of the press in “The Swamp” at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Just feet away, Claude—an albino alligator—laid still, but deadly, much like an undiagnosed cancer waiting to unleash itself on an unsuspecting victim. The crowd gathered there that night to learn how sophisticated research from dedicated and driven scientists promises to—and in some cases already does—cure cancer.
This Top Medical Innovators forum was organized through a partnership between Scientific American Worldview and The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest (CMPI). The event recognized eight experts for their work in the fight against blood cancer, from diagnosis to treatment (see “Innovator Alley”). Gaining ground in this difficult battle demands crusaders like these to continue the mission of developing innovative new treatments.
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