Jan 31, 2024

Causal AI to learn “Gemini Digital Twins” for Drug Discovery and Clinical Development: Join our CMO, Bruce Church at AIRIS 2024

We are excited to announce that Aitia will be participating at the AI Regulatory & International Symposium 2024 conference in Seoul, Korea. Our Chief Mathematics Officer, Bruce Church, will be taking the stage in the New Medical Products and Treatment Opportunities Using AI session to talk about Aitia’s commitment in accelerating AI-driven discoveries and share valuable insights on harnessing Causal AI and Digital Twins to revolutionize drug discovery and development.

During this engaging session, Bruce will present a compelling case study, exploring the latest advancements in AI related to target identification, drug development, and clinical trials within the realm of cardiovascular diseases.

Join us at the AIRIS 2024 conference on February 28th at 2:30PM. More information on the conference here.