Jul 24, 2023

Colin Hill Keynote at Servier Paris-Saclay R&D Institute in France

On July 20th, we had the privilege to visit the cutting-edge Servier Paris-Saclay R&D Institute in France, where our CEO, Colin Hill delivered a keynote titled: “Why AI and Digital Twins will Drive the Discovery and Development of the Next Generation of Breakthrough Drugs“.

The open conference was a remarkable display of Servier’s dedication to foster a collaborative environment. Colin’s keynote ignited a dynamic exchange of questions and debates among Servier’s talented R&D teams and the enthusiastic Saclay community.

The future of drug discovery and development is undeniably here, and our partnership with Servier fills us with pride as we explore together the limitless possibilities that lie ahead in therapeutic research to ultimately make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives through groundbreaking discoveries and medical breakthroughs.

Please reach out if you would like to know more about our latest work in the field of Causal AI and Digital Twins.