Sep 29, 2022

Colin Hill Opening Keynote at the Annual Merck Technology Symposium 2022

The Merck Technology Symposium is an annual event that brings together upwards of 2,000 scientists and over 70 external vendors to hear about innovations in new therapeutic approaches, applications of new technology, and accelerating the pace at which we deliver medicines to patients. The meeting was organized around several tracks illustrating the various ways that technologies are facilitating scientific decision-making at Merck, with a mix of open format talks, as well as Merck-private lectures and posters.

Our CEO, Colin Hill gave an opening keynote entitled “Can Virtual Patients Unlock The Biological Complexity Of Human Disease And Drive the Next Wave Of Breakthrough Drugs?”. A keynote that was meant to inspire critical thinking and fuel ideas about applications of leading-edge technologies to address the changing needs of tomorrow. Colin was Introduced by Jason Uslaner, VP Head of Neuroscience at Merck.