Jan 13, 2023

Colin Hill to Speak at PMWC23

The Precision Medicine World Conference – PMWC is the largest annual conference dedicated to precision medicine. PMWC’s mission is to bring together recognized leaders, top global researchers and medical professionals, and innovators across healthcare and biotechnology sectors to showcase practical content that helps close the knowledge gap between different sectors, there by catalyzing cross-functional fertilization & collaboration to accelerate the development and spread of precision medicine.

If you are attending the foremost Precision Medicine Conference #PMWC23, meet us to hear from our CEO, Colin Hill, as he joins a panel discussion on Track 2 (T2) – AI & Data Sciences, Session: The Pharma Informatics Ecosystem. The discussion will focus on the latest advancements in AI and drug discovery.

Join us on January 27th for an insightful and informative discussion on the future of precision medicine. More details on the program here.