Customized Modeling

Partner with GNS data scientists and machine learning experts to build your roadmap to discovery

The volume of healthcare data generated each day is unprecedented. Some estimates say that close to a billion terabytes have already been generated and that number will continue to increase by 48% each year. The variety of data also continues to grow, from the very granular like genomic, proteomic, and gene expression – to more systemic data like EHR, laboratory, claims and imaging. New data sources have and will continue to emerge, ripe for analysis, such as mobile, consumer and environmental.

Despite the wealth of data, collecting and aggregating it is only the first step. To derive value from all this data, you need to leverage new technology that can unravel the complexity of biology and turn it into actionable insights that can advance personalized medicine initiatives.

As pioneers in the application of machine learning to healthcare data, you could say it’s in our DNA. We blend powerful AI, in the form of causal machine learning with all types and sizes of data sets to discover compelling insights. These insights can be used to match drugs and interventions to patients, optimize interventions programs, reveal disease pathways and discover new biology. Our ground-breaking technology platform REFS (Reverse Engineering Forward Simulation) transforms millions of data points into models that identify the cause and effect relationships within the data. We then run hundreds of thousands of simulations on the data models to discover insights at rapid speed. You might call it automating the scientific method.

Rigorous Math, Powerful Science

We have been fortunate to partner with some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations – patient foundations, life science companies and health plans – to solve their most complex problems. We help foundations understand disease pathways so they can move closer to a cure. We work with leading biopharma companies to identify biomarkers to speed discovery, stratify patients by response, and leverage real-world data to understand the effectiveness of a drug the real world. We help health plans optimize their intervention programs, ensuring that patients receive the proper, tailored interventions at the correct time to reap maximum benefit.

We have built our technology on rigorous math and powerful science. The efficacy of our work has been validated in some of the world’s most prestigious medical journals – take a look at our peer reviewed publications.

Build your Customized Model

Our customized modeling solutions mean our data scientists and machine learning experts partner with you to build customized models and run those models until you get actionable answers.

For Life Sciences

  • Discover new biology
  • Understand how drugs work in real world
  • Accelerate and optimize clinical trials
  • Identify target populations who respond to treatment
  • Predict patient outcomes
  • Identify mechanisms of action
  • Provide evidence of drug value

For Health Plans

  • Identify opportunity for intervention optimization
  • Identify and simulate patient trajectories and outcomes
  • Identify risk and reduce costs
  • Understand disease progression

For Foundations

  • Unravel complex biology to understand disease pathways
  • Provide evidence of biomarkers to improve treatment options
  • Create new opportunities for research