Sep 01, 2023

Driving Research in Pancreatic Cancer: Join our CEO, Colin Hill on the PanCAN Scientific Summit 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Aitia will be participating in the highly anticipated PanCAN Scientific Summit 2023 conference. Our CEO, Colin Hill, will be taking the stage in the scientific session to talk about  Aitia’s commitment in accelerating AI-driven discoveries in pancreatic cancer and share valuable insights on harnessing AI technology and Digital Twins to fight this debilitating disease.

During the conference, you can meet new PanCAN research grant recipients, learn more about the top research priorities, including advancing treatment options and early detection strategies for patients, hear from PanCAN’s young investigators as well as senior research grant recipients, and engage in discussion on how to achieve a bold goal: A 5-year pancreatic cancer survival rate of 20% by 2030.

We invite you to join us at the PanCAN Scientific Summit 2023 conference on September 27th, and be a part of this scientific session.

More information on the PanCAN Scientific Summit 2023 conference here.