Jun 09, 2022

GNS Appoints John Maraganore, PhD, as Strategic Advisor

Somerville, MA, June 9, 2022 : GNS today announced that John Maraganore, PhD, biopharma industry leader and the former founding CEO of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, has joined GNS as a strategic advisor.

“John is a visionary and an inspiration for the biopharma industry and his perspective and deep insights in life sciences R&D will be incredibly valuable for GNS.  On behalf of the rest of our board and all our employees and partners, I’m delighted to welcome John to our team, and I look forward to working closely with him as we continue to grow the leading company in the field of virtual patients and digital twins to support the faster discovery and development of new medicines”, said Colin Hill, CEO and Co-founder of GNS.

“GNS is in a unique position to radically transform drug discovery and development”, said Dr. Maraganore. “Their Gemini virtual patients, created by combining their Causal AI technology with clinico-genomic data, uncover insights in human disease biology that previously took years, if not decades, to understand. I am excited to join them as a strategic advisor and to work with Colin and the rest of the leadership team to help them accelerate the implementation of these capabilities that can transform the discovery and development of new and better medicines that will improve patient outcomes.”

About John Maraganore, PhD

Dr. John Maraganore served as the founding CEO and a Director of Alnylam from 2002 to 2021, where he built and led the company from early platform research on RNA interference through global approval and commercialization of the first four RNAi therapeutic medicines, ONPATTRO®, GIVLAARI®, OXLUMO®, and Leqvio®. He also led the company’s value creation strategy, building $25B in market capitalization, and forming over 20 major pharmaceutical alliances. He continues to serve on the Alnylam Scientific Advisory Board. Prior to Alnylam, he served as an officer and a member of the management team for Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc., where he was responsible for the company’s product franchises in oncology, and cardiovascular, inflammatory, and metabolic diseases, in addition to leadership of M&A, strategy, and biotherapeutics functions. Before Millennium, he served as Director of Molecular Biology and Director of Market and Business Development at Biogen, Inc. where he invented and led the discovery and development of ANGIOMAX® (bivalirudin) for injection. Previously, he was a scientist at ZymoGenetics, Inc. and the Upjohn Company. Dr. Maraganore received his M.S. and Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Chicago. He is currently a Venture Partner at ARCH Venture Partners, a Venture Advisor at Atlas Ventures, and an Executive Partner at RTW Investments. He is also Chair of the Board of Directors of Hemab Therapeutics and a member of the Board of Directors of Agios Pharmaceuticals, Beam Therapeutics, Kymera Therapeutics, and the Biotechnology Industry Organization, where he was Chair from 2017-2019. In addition, he serves on the Board of the Termeer Foundation, as Chair of the n-Lorem Foundation Advisory Council, on the Advisory Board of Ariadne Labs, and as a strategic advisor to a number of innovative companies.

About GNS

GNS is the leader in the application of Causal AI and simulation technology to discover and validate novel drug targets, simulate clinical trials, and help pharmaceutical and biotech companies discover and develop new medicines faster.  GNS’ patented AI uncovers new insights from multi-omics and real-world data leading to the discovery and prioritization of novel biological targets, more efficient clinical trials, and patients who are likely to respond to therapies. The Gemini Virtual Patient models across oncology, auto-immune diseases, and neurology allow researchers and data scientists to simulate clinical trials, disease progression and drug response at the individual patient level in diverse patient cohorts. GNS’ partners include seven out of the top ten pharmaceutical companies, leading research centers, medical societies, and patient advocacy groups globally.  Our advisory board consists of a renowned group of scientific and medical experts. For more information, please visit www.gnshealthcare.com 

Media Contact:
Zena Sfeir
Director of Marketing