May 23, 2016

GNS Healthcare Announces Investment by Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc. to Expand Strategic Partnership Focused on Precision Medicine in Population Health

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – May 23, 2016 – GNS Healthcare (GNS), a leading precision medicine company that applies causal machine learning technology to match health interventions to individual patients and discover new target intervention pathways, today announced an investment by Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc. (New Jersey). The investment supports a strategic collaboration between the companies and enables further development and validation of novel, cloud-based solutions at the intersection of precision medicine and population health.

Horizon joins previously announced Series C investors Celgene Corporation, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, and Gi Global Health Fund LP and investors in prior rounds, Cambia Health Solutions, California’s Heritage Provider Network, and Japan’s Mitsui & Co. U.S. subsidiary (“Mitsui USA”). Both Horizon and Cambia are affiliated with Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies.

GNS is at the forefront of the precision medicine movement, applying its patented causal machine learning and simulation platform, REFS™ (Reverse Engineering and Forward Simulation), to unlock value from increasingly rich streams of patient data, such as from electronic medical records, mobile health devices, medical and pharmacy claims, genomics, consumer behavior, and more. When applied to population health, precision medicine can identify individuals at risk, individuals who can most benefit from specific health interventions, and match individuals to the most effective intervention. The result is improved health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs – a win for health plans, employers, patients, and healthcare providers.

“The GNS causal machine learning platform applies the most advanced form of analytics to mainstream data sources, such as claims and electronic medical records,” said Dr. Minalkumar A. (Minal) Patel, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. “This breakthrough approach very precisely predicts individual risk, revealing opportunities to intervene on a timeline that delivers value. When it is applied to emerging data streams, such as genomic and mobile device data, causal machine learning has the power to take population health to the next level.”

“Horizon is emerging nationally as a leading voice in the movement to rethink population health management,” said Colin Hill, CEO and Co-founder of GNS. “Causal machine learning and simulation applied to precision medicine eliminates guesswork in population health management – whether it’s medication, a treatment plan, or a nudge from a health plan for preventive care, it is now possible to know the value and efficacy of an intervention for a specific individual, as well as an entire population.”


About GNS Healthcare
GGNS Healthcare solves healthcare’s matching problem for leading health plans, biopharma companies, and health systems. We transform massive and diverse data streams to precisely match therapeutics, procedures, and care management interventions to individuals, improving health outcomes and saving billions of dollars. Our causal learning and simulation platform, REFS, accelerates the discovery of what works for whom and why.

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