Jun 03, 2015

GNS Healthcare Introduces MAX for Metabolic Syndrome™

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Transformative Population Health Management Suite

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – June 3, 2015 – GNS Healthcare (GNS), a leading provider of value-based analytics solutions for driving personalized interventions that improve population health, today announced the expansion of its big data-driven population health management suite of solutions with the introduction of MAX for Metabolic Syndrome™. More than one-third of the U.S. population has metabolic syndrome, a disorder that can lead to chronic heart disease, stroke and diabetes. These conditions combine to account for almost 20 percent of overall healthcare costs in the United States.

MAX for Metabolic Syndrome is the latest in a suite of population health management solutions from GNS. These GNS solutions are transforming population health management with a value-based approach that leverages precision medicine and transcends the traditional one-size-fits-all, rules-based model. GNS solutions analyze large, heterogeneous datasets to identify individuals who will benefit from programs to prevent disease progression, avoid complications, and improve individual health outcomes. The GNS solutions then match individuals to their personal optimal intervention. In contrast, rules-based approaches to population health rely on thresholds derived from averages across a population and, as a result, miss opportunities to deliver highly personalized care.

“The days of ‘spray-and-pray’ population health investments are over,” says Colin Hill, CEO and co-founder of GNS. “Precision medicine, powered by big data analytics, is bringing a new level of accountability to care management. Whether it’s the choice of a therapeutic medication, a conversation with a provider, or a nudge from a health plan to help people get back on track with any number of health goals, it is now possible to know, in advance, the value of interventions to specific individuals and to achieve a positive return on population health investments.”

MAX for Metabolic Syndrome predicts which of the five risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome will develop next in at-risk individuals. The GNS solution also matches each individual with the most efficient effective intervention to prevent the condition from developing.

MAX for Metabolic Syndrome draws on findings from a GNS collaboration with Aetna (NYSE: AET), published by the American Journal of Managed Care, in which GNS and Aetna demonstrated that progression to metabolic syndrome is predictable and that specific clinical drivers of an individual’s risk can be identified. For example, in an individual patient who exhibited two of the five risk factors, Aetna and GNS were able to predict which third factor is the most likely to develop. Following a successfulpilot program, Aetna is now leveraging the findings to inform customized wellness engagement strategies being deployed by Newtopia, a health company that uses genetic testing and behavioral science to build personalized lifestyle plans.

MAX for Metabolic Syndrome is based upon the unique GNS Meaningful Actions Accelerator™ (MAX) architecture.  The MAX architecture leverages the company’s MeasureBase™ data warehouse and patented REFS™ machine learning and simulation platform to inform analytics models and discover new knowledge from large amounts of real-world data. GNS analytics models predict risk of negative outcomes, including adverse events, sub-optimal outcomes, and progression; quantify the effect of behavior changes; stratify populations based on individuals’ likelihood to engage; measure the power of interventions to change behavior; and match individuals to the most cost-efficient effective intervention.

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GNS Healthcare provides analytic solutions that predict the impact of individual interventions to improve population health and reduce costs. Based on the Meaningful Actions Accelerator™ Architecture and patented REFS™ inference engine, GNS helps health plans and providers plan, implement and measure interventions that benefit individuals and drive population-level ROI. These cloud-based solutions are being deployed to improve outcomes associated with medication non-adherence, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, pre-term birth, and specialty care medications. GNS solutions focus on reducing adverse events, slowing disease progression, and improving therapeutic effectiveness through precision selection that reduces wasteful spending and maximizes impact.
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