GNS Precision Medicine Forum

Each year GNS gathers industry leaders to our Precision Medicine Forum to share ideas, discuss innovative strategies and network with peers. Our 2019 Forum took place on June 14th – thank you for joining us and stay tuned for 2020!








In 2018, GNS launched its first Precision Medicine Forum bringing together attendees from biopharma, health plans and foundations to discuss how artificial intelligence is driving precision medicine in healthcare. Through a series of panel discussions, interactive presentations and audience participation, industry leaders discussed how AI is propelling precision medicine to improve drug discovery and development, optimize clinical trials, improve health outcomes and help the industry address the challenges of value-based care with real world evidence.

At the 2019 Forum, leaders from a wide array of organizations – including the Food and Drug Administration, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, J&J, CVS Health, UnitedHealthcare, Biogen, Takeda, and Cyclerion – shared their viewpoints, lessons learned and future plans. Stay up to date on the conversation by following our updates below. 

2018 GNS Precision Medicine Forum

Our inaugural forum featured speakers from leading life sciences and health plans. Check out what they had to say and how they are leveraging AI to improve drug discovery, optimize clinical trials, and drive creation of real-world evidence.

GNS Precision Medicine Forum

Join the conversation on how AI is driving precision medicine across the healthcare ecosystem

2019 Forum

Want to catch up on the conversation for the 2019 Forum? Here are a few highlights from the day. 

2018 Forum Highlights

Not able to attend our last forum? We have put together the highlights from our impressive speakers here.

AI in Healthcare

There’s definitely confusion about the different types of AI used in healthcare. In our infographic we run through the different types and how they are used. Download here.