Feb 02, 2017

Gregg’s Diabetes Identifies GNS as One of a Handful of Companies Focused on Market Access

The 21st Century Cures Act makes “Real World Evidence” a buzz word in pharma and payer circles, and justifiably so. For the uninitiated, “Real World Evidence” (RWE) is a term that has received much and attention and debate as a core component of the 21st Century Cures Act: a bill that received much press coverage in Q42016. The term refers to healthcare information about the use of a drug after it has been approved by the FDA and prescribed to patients in the “realworld.” This data is usually derived from electronic health records, claims databases, and patient-reported registries. Given the several ramifications of the Cures Act, 2017 will see pharma and payers clamor to acquire solutions to harness the power of RWE, creating new revenue opportunities for incumbents and early stage companies.
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