We are excited to announce that Aitia will be participating in the highly anticipated Top of Mind for Life Sciences Summit 2023 conference. Our CEO, Colin Hill, will be a featured speaker on an insightful panel discussion entitled “Realizing AI’s Potential in Drug Discovery” moderated by Rob Hartman, Senior Director from UPMC Enterprises.

During the panel, Colin will share valuable insights and engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas about the impact of AI in drug discovery. This discussion will also explore the challenges and ethical issues of AI application in Life Sciences. By analyzing the regulatory landscape, exploring potential industry grapples with new and revolutionary technologies, and considering different perspectives, this panel aims to shed light on AI technology’s role in driving drug discovery advancements.

We invite you to join us at the Top of Mind for Life Sciences Summit 2023: Realizing AI’s Potential in Drug Discovery panel on September 12th at 11:15am ET, and be a part of this engaging panel discussion.

More information on the Top of Mind for Life Sciences Summit 2023 here.