May 07, 2018

Iya Khalil featured in Forbes article on women making AI more accessible

May 7, 2018 –Artificial intelligence is impacting every industry so it is no wonder that this year’s Milken Global Institute focused how new technologies are changing industries, including health care. Forbes recently profiled the event, focusing on the number of women who are making artifical intelligence more accessible and less scary. The article featured Iya Khalil, co-founder and chief commercial officer of GNS Healthcare, as one the women who is using AI to produce real results.
“At Milken, Khalil spoke about how AI and machine learning can reduce drug discovery times and enable precision medicine with the goal of improving outcomes and reducing the costs of R&D.  Her goal is to leverage these capabilities to transform medicine from an expert-driven field – with poor predictive power and large gaps in its fundamental understanding of human biology – and transform it into a data-driven predictive science – with a more complete understanding of the mechanisms of disease and response to interventions.”
Read the full article from Forbes here.