May 30, 2023

Join Aitia at the Drug Discovery Europe & Neuroscience Drug Development Europe 2023 Conference in Berlin

We are thrilled to announce that our CBO, Joe Donahue will be taking the stage at the Drug Discovery Europe & Neuroscience Drug Development Europe 2023 Conference in Berlin, Germany.

Session title: Digital Twins Unlock the Biological Complexity of Human Disease and Will Drive the Next Wave of Breakthrough Drugs

  • Digital Twins are computational representations of disease built on multi-omic human data. They represent an ensemble
    of individual virtual patients that can be used to mimic a cohort of patients with a given disease. Based on Bayesian networks the digital twins identify causal drivers of disease that allow users to perform virtual target knockdowns for all genes and proteins, identify biomarkers of disease and simulate the results of clinical trials at an individual patient level
  • The presentation will focus on what Digital Twins represent, how they are constructed, and the majority of the talk will focus on use cases where Aitia has discovered new drug targets in Alzheimer’s Disease, identified a new causal driver of disease in cardiovascular disease, and identified biomarkers that causaly drive clinical outcomes that can be employed to differentiate

Join us for an engaging discussion as we dive into the groundbreaking power of Digital Twins in unraveling the intricate complexities of human disease. Discover how they are revolutionizing drug discovery and development, paving the way for the next generation of breakthrough medicines.

Make sure to reach out if you’ll be attending! Let’s continue the conversation and explore the forefront of drug development and neuroscience together.

More on the conference here.