Apr 04, 2018

Machine learning approach to personalized medicine in breast cancer patients: development of data-driven, personalized, causal modeling through identification and understanding of optimal treatments for predicting better disease outcomes

Kaplan, G.H., Berry, A.B., Rinn, K.J., Ellis, E.D., Birchfield, G.R., Wahl, T.A., Liu, X., Tameishi, M., Beatty, J.D., Dawson, P.L., Mehta, V.K., Holman, A., Atwood, M.K., Alexander, S., Bonham, C., Summers, L., Khalil, I., Hayete, B., Wuest, D., Zheng, W., Liu, Y., Wang, X., Brown, T.D. (2018, April). Presented at the AACR Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.