Jan 04, 2018

Neo.Life features Iya Khalil in 2018 Biotech Breakthroughs and Big Ideas

NeoLife Iya Khalil Genomics
Illustration by Nick Vokey

In this January article, Neo.Life profiles the biggest biotech breakthroughs and big ideas for 2018, including thoughts from Iya Khalil, GNS co-founder and chief commercial officer. Iya speaks to the proliferation of emerging -omic data and how advances in artificial intelligence, and specifically causal machine learning, can use this data to drive better health outcomes for individual patients. “Algorithms and data will supercharge but not replace human intelligence in this new era of biology and medicine”.
In addition to advances in genomics data collection, the article features innovations in food, wearable devices, medicine, and open source software.
Read the full article here.