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The Science Behind the Success
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The Science Behind the Success

The REFS Platform


Reverse Engineering, Forward Simulation (REFS), our patented causal machine learning and simulation platform, goes beyond the superficial data correlations of predictive analytics and deep learning to reveal the drivers of disease progression and individual patient response to drugs.

The unique simulation capabilities of REFS empower scientists to deliver new insights and make better decisions by answering the what if questions beyond the scope of conventional AI.

Fast, scalable and highly interactive, REFS includes built-in biopharma functions found in no other platform. Data-agnostic, REFS is compatible with virtually any data type, from EHRs, clinical trials, ‘omics to claims and can work with various sized data sets data sets.

License the Power of REFS

Bring the power of REFS in-house to extend the reach of your data scientists and advance your own scientific and business objectives. Our licensing program makes that feasible and cost-effective for your drug-development and commercialization programs.

Deployed on a secure virtual private cloud, hosted by GNS or with our partners, access to a REFS license includes all the scientific, technical and organizational support you need. Our expert analysts train your scientists to build their own models and run simulations, answering your diverse questions while reducing project costs and accelerating outcomes.

Engage GNS Services

Gain all the insights and outcomes of REFS technology even if you don’t have the internal resources or infrastructure to support the platform.

Our team of bioinformatics, data science, and machine learning experts, seasoned from dozens of successful projects similar to yours, builds the models, runs the simulations and quickly delivers the insights that improve your project outcomes.