REFS Platform

Dynamic causal machine learning platform that discovers underlying cause and effect relationships and grows smarter over time

REFS (Reverse Engineering, Forward Simulation) is different from other types of artificial intelligence platforms. As a causal machine learning platform, REFS works by transparently discovering the cause and effect relationships within data of all types, from the very granular to the more systemic. REFS discovers insights that are often unforeseen directly from the data, without limiting it with prior knowledge– what some would call “hypothesis free”. This is an important distinction because human biology and disease is complex and there’s still much to learn and much we don’t yet understand. By transforming millions of data points – clinical, genetic, genomic, lab, imaging, drug, consumer, geographic, pharmacy, mobile, proteomic data and others – REFS calculates and explains the causal relationships that drive the specific outcomes. There is no black box to our technology.

Despite the wealth of data, collecting and aggregating it is only the first step. To derive value from all this data, you need to leverage new technology that can unravel the complexity of biology and turn it into actionable insights that can advance personalized medicine initiatives.

Once the causal models are built and validated, hundreds of thousands of simulations are run through REFS, to discover novel insights at rapid speed. The simulations provide answers to a number of “what if” questions, like what if the patient was on this drug versus another, or what would happen if we used this intervention now.

REFS allows biopharma companies to identify which patients will respond to a drug, pinpoint biomarkers that show the most promise for patient response and run in silico clinical trials to understand how their drugs work in the real world. With REFS, health plans can identify the right intervention for the right patient at the right time.

Foundations are able to better understand disease pathways and how illnesses progress so new treatments can be developed. Most importantly. REFS is making precision medicine a reality for stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem.

REFS Platform

Game changing AI platform that allows you to build causal models that provide transparency into the cause and effect relationships within the data.

Powerful AI to Cure Disease and Heal Healthcare

REFS technology leveraged across the healthcare ecosystem

Life Sciences

  • Promises earlier success in clinical trials through better-to-worse drug target ranking
  • Accelerates the clinical trial process to move drugs to market faster
  • Improves the success of clinical trials
  • Uncovers new insights to expand drug patents
  • Generates real world evidence (RWE) by running in silico clinical trials
  • Identify mechanisms of action
  • Empowers value-based decisions centered on real world evidence

Health Plans

  • Enables precision medicine models of care
  • Empowers value-based decisions centered on real world evidence
  • Creates personalized care pathways through intervention optimization
  • Optimizes care across networks of doctors and hospitals


  • Unravels disease pathways so new treatments can be developed
  • Speeds the research and discovery timeline
  • Enables precision medicine

The REFS platform technology

REFS Platform Licensing

Licensing the REFS platform enables you to gain unprecedented insights in house–driving new knowledge and actionable findings. Licenses can also be bundled with preprocessed datasets and other prebuilt REFS models. REFS provides a powerful tool for clients to apply on the most complex and valued data assets.

REFS Platform and Modeling Support

REFS is also available with computational modeling support. Leading healthcare companies across the country frequently turn to our expert causal machine learning experts and data scientists to identify targeted goals, develop appropriate models, build and perform simulations on multiple analysis models, conduct subpopulation analysis and drug target identifications, and develop reports, abstracts and presentations.

Custom Modeling

GNS is a leader in developing custom analytic solutions tailored to organizations’ specific needs to identify meaningful insights and optimize the value generated from massive data sets. We have partnered with many of the world’s largest and most innovative biopharmaceutical companies, foundations, academic medical centers, and health plans to create custom models that extract new information and value from health-related data.