Sep 28, 2015

Retrofit Partners with GNS Healthcare to Revolutionize Weight Loss

Retrofit uses a high-tech, high-touch approach to encourage healthy behaviors and achieve lasting weight-loss results. Individuals receive the personalized attention of a live coach, a smart dashboard that provides behavior tracking and notifications, expert-led interactive classes, social support from an online community and self-monitoring technology.

“GNS will take our innovative platform to the next level by further analyzing our industry-leading outcomes and client lifestyle data to allow us to deliver more targeted interventions that produce optimal results,” said Mary Pigatti, Retrofit CEO. “This collaboration will give us greater insight into the success behind our program and the variables that help predict sustainable weight loss. This will help us to better serve our clients and reduce health-care costs for employers, payers and accountable care organizations.”

GNS will leverage its patented inference engine, REFS™ (Reverse Engineering and Forward Simulation), to analyze four years of retrospective data from Retrofit, including enrollment, attitudinal, intervention and outcome data sets. The work will reveal the key drivers responsible for successful weight loss among Retrofit clients. Retrofit and GNS will focus on identifying factors responsible for short- and long-term weight loss success allowing Retrofit’s smart coaching platform and coaching interventions to be even more effective and efficient.

The Retrofit intervention and outcome data sets also will enrich the GNS MAX for Metabolic Syndrome™ solution. MAX for Metabolic Syndrome predicts which of the five risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome will develop next in at-risk individuals and matches individuals with the most efficient effective intervention to prevent the condition from developing.

“This relationship has the potential to help curb the obesity epidemic by revolutionizing the way we approach weight management, as well as how we prevent metabolic syndrome,” said Colin Hill, CEO and co-founder of GNS. “The combination of robust data from Retrofit and value-based analytics from GNS will illuminate the complex system of variables at work in Retrofit weight management interventions.”

About Retrofit
Retrofit offers weight management solutions that help employers tackle obesity and deliver proven outcomes and lasting results. Ninety percent of participants lose weight and 68 percent keep it off 18 months later. Retrofit clients also are two times more satisfied than those on other weight-loss programs, according to a recent client satisfaction survey. Retrofit contributes its success to five key factors: 1) a scientifically based program design; 2) highly credentialed experts who drive a personalized experience and true engagement; 3) a multi-disciplinary, high-tech/ high-touch approach; 4) the adaptability of the program to integrate or run discreetly within organizations’ broader wellness ecosystems, and 5) “happiness delivered” with proven outcomes that transform lives and workplaces. For more information, visit Also follow the company on Facebook and Twitter at @retrofitme.

About GNS Healthcare
GNS Healthcare applies machine learning technology to predict the value of individual interventions, improving population health and reducing costs. Based on the MAX™ (Meaningful Actions Accelerator) architecture and patented REFS™ (Reverse Engineering and Forward Simulation) inference engine, GNS helps health plans, providers, and pharmaceutical companies plan, implement, and measure interventions that benefit individuals and drive value across a population. These cloud-based solutions are being deployed to address pre-term birth, palliative care, comparative effectiveness, medication non-adherence, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, specialty care medications, and more. GNS solutions focus on reducing adverse events, slowing disease progression, and improving therapeutic effectiveness through precision selection that reduces wasteful spending and maximizes impact.

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