Jan 18, 2024

Unveiling the AI Dominance in Biopharma: STAT Post JPM Conference Insights

JPM conference has echoed discussions about AI across the biopharmaceutical landscape. Catch up on key insights shared in the latest STAT article titled: “At Health Care’s Biggest Investor Conference, AI’s High Hopes Collided with Skepticism.”

Sanofi’s chief executive, Paul Hudson, revealed the widespread integration of AI within the company: “More than 11,000 people across the company are using AI every day for better decision intelligence,” he said. “We actually are at a level now where we could ask the AI to tell us whether we should go and initiate a phase three (trial) with an important medicine.”

“In all of these areas, AI is making incremental progress, but it has not yet achieved a fundamental breakthrough by solving the biological mystery around a specific disease. The big, big leaps will occur when AI starts to really unravel the novel pathways and targets driving Alzheimer’s, or driving colorectal cancer or Huntington’s disease.” Said Colin Hill, CEO of Aitia.

Read what leaders and experts had to say about the impact of AI in biopharma, their perspectives, hopes, and healthy dose of skepticism surrounding AI’s role in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare here.