Mar 03, 2020

Webinar | How to Solve Pharma’s Biggest Questions with Causal AI

Selecting the right solution from the vast AI landscape & dive into the inner workings of applying causal AI to pharma R&D

In this 30-minute webinar, the GNS Healthcare team introduces you to the complex landscape of AI and help you hone in on one specific type of AI: causal inference. You’ll leave with an understanding of:

  • What is causal AI and where does causality sit in the landscape of AI
  • Which types of questions can only be answered with causal AI
  • Why you can trust causal inference to answer your key questions

Before you keep tackling the daunting task of moving beyond correlation to uncovering causation and enabling your R&D teams to uncover mechanisms of diseases, optimize clinical trial design, and run in silico simulations instead of costly experiments.

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