Apr 13, 2020

Webinar | Identifying Disease Mechanisms with AI

Leveraging causal inference to understand patient response to treatment

Finding AI solutions that accelerate pharmaceutical development and overcome challenges of more common predictive methods can be difficult. Join us for a webinar that demonstrates how to uncover the mechanisms underlying patient response to treatment using GNS Healthcare’s causal AI and simulation platform, REFS.

Untangling the drivers of disease can only be done with causal AI. Using REFS ability to learn de novo from clinical trial or real world data, has enabled our pharma partners to drive drug development and clinical trial design by rapidly discovering which patients respond to drugs and why.

In this 30 minute demo webinar we walk through how our proprietary software, REFS, can help you leverage causal AI to:

  1. Unlock disease mechanisms
  2. Identify biomarkers and subpopulations of responders
  3. Simulate drug treatment response

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