May 09, 2017

GNS Healthcare and Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield Co-Present Machine Learning Enhanced Advanced Illness Program at Annual Blues National Summit

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – May 9, 2017– GNS Healthcare (GNS), a leading precision medicine company that applies causal machine learning technology to large and diverse data sets to better match health interventions to individual patients to improve health outcomes and lower the total cost of care, will present its Advanced Illness solution, in collaboration with Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, at this week’s annual Blue Cross Blue Shield National Summit.

Dr. Bruce Smith, Executive Medical Director of Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield will co-present with Colin Hill, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of GNS Healthcare, on the impact GNS’ Advanced Illness solution has had on Regence’s Personalized Care Support (PCS) program, which supports health plan members with palliative care case management services. GNS’ REFS™ (Reverse Engineering and Forward Simulation) causal machine learning technology has solved a critical bottleneck in developing and delivering effective palliative care – better identifying which members are approaching end-of-life in the near-term. The GNS solution is 50% more accurate in identifying members nearing end-of-life than the current leading industry solutions, allowing doctors and care givers to better manage and support the right members. Many surveys have shown that patients want more choice about the care they receive at the end of life, and GNS’ solution is allowing Regence to more accurately identify members for the PCS program and meet these members’ needs.

“We look forward to joining Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield to discuss how health plans can better serve the needs of patients with advanced illnesses,” said Colin Hill, Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder of GNS Healthcare. “Recognizing that decisions about end-of-life care are critically important to members and their families, GNS Healthcare’s work in advanced illness enables physicians and family members to have important discussions around end-of-life wishes earlier, improving engagement and support for the patient and their loved ones.”


About GNS Healthcare

GNS Healthcare solves healthcare’s matching problem for leading health plans, biopharma companies, and health systems. We transform massive and diverse data streams to precisely match therapeutics, procedures, and care management interventions to individuals, improving health outcomes and saving billions of dollars. Our causal learning and simulation platform, REFS, accelerates the discovery of what works for whom and why.

Media Contact:
Patty Kellicker
VP, Marketing