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Oct 05, 2016

GNS REFS™ Causal Machine Learning Platform Featured in GEN (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News)

Jun 21, 2016

WSJ Pro Venture Capital Coverage of Horizon Investment in GNS Highlights Application of Precision Medicine to Population Health

May 31, 2016

Modern Healthcare Reports Horizon Investment in GNS, Notes Diverse Stakeholders Among GNS Investors

Feb 29, 2016

GNS Healthcare Study with Pfizer Reveals Discovery of Novel Clinical Risk Factors Driving Progression to Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes

Feb 23, 2016

Health Data Management Spotlights GNS Medication Adherence Program With OmedaRx

Feb 19, 2016

CNBC’s Squawk Box Calls on GNS CEO Colin Hill to Understand Use of Big Data in Employee Wellness

Feb 17, 2016

Wall Street Journal Article Highlights Role of Consumer Data in Employee Wellness Programs

Dec 15, 2015

GNS Use of Machine Learning to Match Health Interventions to Individuals Featured by STAT

Dec 08, 2015

GenomeWeb: GNS Healthcare Lands $10M Series C Financing

Sep 22, 2015

Governor Baker Appointments GNS Healthcare’s Colin Hill to the Health Information and Analysis Oversight Council