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Feb 29, 2024

HDTC Poster | Prediction of HD-related clinical outcome progression and imaging markers using AI-based Digital Twins

Airis 2024
Jan 31, 2024

Causal AI to learn “Gemini Digital Twins” for Drug Discovery and Clinical Development: Join our CMO, Bruce Church at AIRIS 2024

WSJ Health Forum
Jan 30, 2024

Meet us at WSJ Health Forum

At health care’s biggest investor conference, AI’s high hopes collided with skepticism - STAT article
Jan 18, 2024

Unveiling the AI Dominance in Biopharma: STAT Post JPM Conference Insights

Servier Will Apply Aitia's Digital Twins to Parkinson’s Drug
Jan 08, 2024

Servier Will Apply Aitia’s Gemini Digital Twins to Parkinson’s Drug

J.P. Morgan
Dec 08, 2023

Meet us at J.P.Morgan Healthcare Conference

Aitia Servier Partnership 300x300 1
Nov 29, 2023

Partner of Choice: Aitia and Servier Revolutionize the Landscape of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Nov 16, 2023

Charles River and Aitia Join Forces to Harness AI and Gemini Digital Twins in Advancing Neurodegenerative and Oncology Research

Nov 13, 2023

NfS Poster | Genes regulating cytoskeleton organization identified as neuro-common drivers of blood NfL change rate and disease-specific clinical progression in AI driven Digital Twins

Sydley 300x300 1
Nov 09, 2023

Hear What Colin Hill had to say to Sidley on AI Use in Drug Discovery